Allied/Merc. Southern Italian and Carthaginian cavalry

We have completed the cavalry for now, Thorakitai, Thureophoroi and Thracian next. After that we will complete the Hellenistics for now by adding Seleucid Companions, Agema and line cataphracts. Once they are finished it will be the Early Byzantines (yes I know we have all been waiting for

This batch of cavalry come in mixed armours and mail with a command set. The variation is completed by using the different heads sets. Adam designed the figures to represent the troops gathered up in Southern Italy by both the Romans and Carthage, they will also prove useful in successor armies as Italian Merc. When the Attic helmets are added they become Carthaginians, the unit deal is a mix of armour to represent the spoils of war. If you want more mail then the packs are available in mail or mixed armour.

Cloaked cavalry in store

Adam delivered the Breastplate armoured cavalry with cloaks yesterday. They are now in production and the store has the photos of the packs. The figures are headless which allows us to expand on their usage by selecting the sets of heads that go with each pack, add a shield and a spear rather than a lance and they change again. They are a direct replacement for the old PYR13-14+15 packs and we added seleucid, Ptolemaic, Macedonian sets as well. Anyway here are the photos.

What are we making now?

Just a brief update on what we are working on now and what is next up.

Adam has completed cavalry figures in Linothorax and scale, he is adding mail, mixed pectoral and cloaked breastplated versions this week. By supplying different heads and shield/weapons we can use these to replace the Pyrrhic cavalry, add Macedonians, Carthaginians, mercs, southern Italian Roman allied cavalry, Ptolemaic and Seleucid heavy cavalry.

What will follow? Well we have promised to do Thorakitai, thureophoroi and later Thracians and they will follow the cavalry mentioned above.

After that it is the Seleucid companions, Agema and line cats.

That is all we intend to add to the Successors and once they are finished we will start on the Byzantines(at Last).

Hope that helps clear things up a bit.

Indian elephant crews

We decided to take a small diversion and do some Indian Crew for the elephants, we have no intention of expanding this to include infantry or cavalry.

There are 2 crews which can be mixed, the archers are 2 part and have their bows cast separately. The legs have been carefully crafted to fit in either the front, middle or back position on the elephants.