To The Strongest World Championships

Steve Drover contacted us and asked if we would be interested in supporting the TTS World Championships at Chalgrove this year, we of course were delighted to do so. Simon Miller, a good friend, wrote the rules a number of years ago and since their publication they have gone from strength to strength.

We believe that this years Championship was the largest 28mm gaming competition(full format games) with 41 entries, if not it is still a very good turnout.

The prizes offered were in the form of vouchers that could be used at Aventine Miniatures and 2 of the winners have done just that.

Once again, thanks Steve and Simon for the opportunity to help promote such a fun set of rules and the hobby in general.

The placing at the right end of the list are as follows

Chris Winter Imperial Seleucid 586.4

Gareth Purchon Principate Romans 580.2

Colin Hoare Later Italian Condottiere (Venetian)   570.0

Simon Miller Later Italian Condottiere (Milanese)   552.2

Peter Anderson Late Achaemenid 540.3

Well done all who attended, helping to make the event such a success.

Thracian Merc. Unit

We have finished the Thracian Unit. They have been equipped in the style of the troops used in so many Hellenistic period armies. The THR03 pack has 2 figures with the Rhomphaia and the lower arm separate and the THR01 officer has a sword and arm also separate, the rest of the rhomphaia are cast on the figures. The figures armed with a spear have a shield with the rhomphaia on the rear.

Resin Casters Needed

Due to the sad closing of our Resin Casters we need to find a new source for our elephants. If anyone knows of a company that will take this on please email us. I would like to thank Rob at Hyseterical Games for his fantastic service and produce, we understand the reasons behind the decision and wish him and all his employees well for the future.

My Seleucid L’Art De La Guerre to date.

I was asked for a collective shot of what I had amassed to date.

Guard Pike Units x 2
Various commanders
Unarmoured Successor elephants
Old Thureophoroi Figures(being replaced soon)
Old Thracians (being updated soon)
Successor lancers (heavy Cavalry)
Successor Agema (Heavy Cavalry elite)
Some Light Infantry
The Later period Cavalry (Cataphracts)
Later Seleucid Companions and Agema(cataphracts)
Later Period Armoured Elephants(Elite)
Some Javelin armed Light cavalry
Imitation Legionaries
Horse Archers

Update on Companions and Short break

Today Adam delivered the masters for the companion cavalry mounts, the mould had some webbing(my fault) so it will be tomorrow before we can list the packs. In the meantime I painted one of the horses and gave it to the rider I painted some time ago.


I am away for a week’s holiday from this Tuesday(3oth Oct) so there will be a delay on the posting of orders and email replies.