Aventine Miniatures New Catalog

As the last stage of the server move/upgrade we have added an updated shop/catalog system to the site with all the latest features. It is also now optimised for mobile devices in case you wish to place orders using your phone or tablet. The functionality and categories are the same as before and we will be updating these further with images and descriptions where appropriate to make it easier to navigate. We have tested the main features without any issues but as always if there are any problems or you need any help with it just contact us!

The shop is live at https://aventineminiatures.co.uk/catalog as usual.

Glue, New Elephants and some nice painting

We have been getting questions as to what glue we use to stick the metals together, it seems that pewter is not that superglue friendly. Adam found that the really cheap thin stuff from the likes of the pound shops works as well as it did on the lead alloy, others found that UHU or Bostok was the way to go. I found the howdahs a real problem before resorting to Adam’s thin cheap stuff, Adam also recommended using Bluetack to hold the howdah side together as the glue dried.

The new Resin Elephants are now in the store, I mention this as we want to let you know we will be adding unit deals for 2 elephants and crews once the crew sets have been remade. They will include the new astride crews and have a small saving over the packs prices.

We get sent photographs of painted figures from time to time but I think this is the first link to a youtube video

I really like them and the horses are some of the best I have seen to date. Thank you Frazier Ketteringham for sharing with us.

I have also been trying out the resin beasts to see how they take paint and washes. This is just Halfords grey primer, washed with Agrax Earthshade then dry brushed with a light beige followed by another quick wash. The small ridge on the upper blanket is the glue from a howdah I had fitted to check fit etc. Might use this for an astride crew. Old on the left new on the right.

Elephants now in Resin

We had been toying with getting the elephants cast in resin for years and finally late last year we did it. Adam re-modelled the 4 bodies and the 6 heads from the Hellenistic section(body 1+2 will go into the Sassanid range) and off they went to Rob at Hysterical Miniatures. We now have them in stock. Adam has adapted 3 howdahs to fit them and has started on new crew sets which will include astride sets(more on that as we progress). So what have we on offer, well it is a bit different in that we listed the bodies and heads separately, you pick a body then a head and then a howdah if that is the way you want to go, they are all priced a bit lower that the metal originals. The howdah tusks and tails will be cast in pewter. The assembly is easy, take the body super glue the head in place, drill the holes for tusks and tail and paint. The ones I have done needed no filler at all and very little in the way of clean up.

Now sporting more skin detail, thinner legs and an ability to use as astride mounts, we are very pleased with how this worked out and will be moving the Africans and the Sassanid King’s elephant to resin asap.


We will also add some unit deals with 2 elephants and crews once we have the figures completed. All this has taken time so the list of releases will be pushed back a bit, this needed to be done now so we had no choice. Byzantines will arrive.