The Byzantine Cavalry has reached the store.

We have added 4 cavalry commands (BYZ50-53) and 8 packs of lancers (BYZ60-67) to the stores. They will be sold differently to the usual practice in that they will be in riders only, and horse only packs. There are just too many combinations to list them all so the choice is yours.

There are 3 shields and they also need to be chosen, leave a note in the comments as to which one of the 3 you want with each pack. The Boukellaroi have their shield cast upon them.

The Unit Deal is also a select yourself job, it really is the only way we could do it.

The prices are £4.00 for all the rider packs and £6.00 for the horses, this is a slight rise in the general cost but a small decrease in the command pack price.

We are now working on the mounted archers both armoured and unarmoured, mounted javelinmen, generals and the remake of the Huns etc.

BYZ52 with BYZ60+-61

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