Late Etruscans

Etruscan Northern Alliance Army.

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Our first offerings in the ‘Struggle for Italy’ range are   figures for use in a Late Etruscan/Northern Alliance Army. They date from the introduction of chain mail in the late fourth century BC until the second century BC when regional variations disappeared and the standard mail clad legionary became the ‘norm’ in the Roman army at least.

Originally intended as an Italian, rather than Latin ‘allied’ legion for our upcoming Republican Roman range the appearance of decent Etruscan lists has made it worthwhile expanding our original concept. Wargamers can now have a 3rd century ally for their Samnite and Celtic coalition armies. The hill peoples from central Italy allied to the Etruscans and Umbrians will also be represented in this range. Not all these tribes had thrown in their lot with Rome at this early stage. Spearmen/hoplites with Argive shields can represent city dwelling Umbrians.

The original idea for a Roman allied legion can now also be expanded to include looser formation troops. The heavier infantry types can be used as legionaries or extraordinarii. Etruscan cavalry as Italian allied turma or mounted extraordinarii. The Argive shield was used by the Etruscans ‘till they lost their independence, and beyond’. Troops equipped with the Scutum represent the gradual change over to Roman equipment. They can also represent Etruscan Alliance or League troops using captured Roman equipment. In times of war Etruscan armies are known to have operated in Etruria independently of their Roman and Latin allies. To what extent they had been supplied with Roman officers is not known. Roman officers of the period would not have differed greatly from Etruscan officers.

Packs can be selected to avoid mixing shield types if desired. Most figures are designed to be used with both as well as the native northern Italian shields. Shields can be changed on request and are also sold separately.

The Late Etruscans are not covered by existing FOG lists but can be used as Mid Republican Roman allies, just replace the Roman Hastati and Principes with our Pila armed Citizens 2nd and 3rd class and the Triarii with the Spear armed Citizen 1st Class.
Below is a photograph of some of our Etruscan Spearmen/triarii. There are lots more photos of painted examples on the gallery (click to view).

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