Adam’s Sassanids

Adam has painted some of the Sassanids. The elephant is an Indian with armour, he removed the crest on the heads(easy he said as the resin is easy to work). The crew are the ELSC2. The cavalry are a mix from the range. The falling horse is another of his converts, he removed the support on the front legs and lowered it down.


Early Republican Roman Command

Moiterei send us a link to his post, it has a beautiful vignette featuring some of the Early Republicans RR14. He asked if we would like to post them on our site, it took me less than a second to decide…lol Here is the link

Painted Samnite Unit

Samnite Cavalry Unit Deal UD65

We were approached by Ross Broadstock of with an offer to paint up some figures for us. We sent him a unit (UD65) of Samnite Cavalry. They returned to us in the agreed stage of unbased and without shields. Steve at LBMS they created transfers for them and Adam completed the unit with some blending in to match the rest of our painted figures. I think you will all agree that Ross and Adam did a great job on them.

Mark Ottley’s Macedonians

Mark posted his army on TMP and has allowed us to share it here.


“All infantry are plastic Victrix figures from their Ancient Macedonian and Ancient Greek range. All mounted including elephants are metal Aventine Miniatures from their Pyrrhic range, with the exception of the horse archers which are Warlord. Both Victrix and Aventine are great figures, lovely to put together and paint. Transfers are Little Big Men Studios range, from Victrix. Lances and spears on the metal figures are wire pikes cut to size, from Aventine/Warlord. “

Sassanid Army Finished

Guillaume Huard sent us photos of his now complete Aventine Sassanid army.p1060376-800x600


Here is a slide show of the rest of the photos.