My Seleucid L’Art De La Guerre to date.

I was asked for a collective shot of what I had amassed to date.

Guard Pike Units x 2
Various commanders
Unarmoured Successor elephants
Old Thureophoroi Figures(being replaced soon)
Old Thracians (being updated soon)
Successor lancers (heavy Cavalry)
Successor Agema (Heavy Cavalry elite)
Some Light Infantry
The Later period Cavalry (Cataphracts)
Later Seleucid Companions and Agema(cataphracts)
Later Period Armoured Elephants(Elite)
Some Javelin armed Light cavalry
Imitation Legionaries
Horse Archers

Update on Companions and Short break

Today Adam delivered the masters for the companion cavalry mounts, the mould had some webbing(my fault) so it will be tomorrow before we can list the packs. In the meantime I painted one of the horses and gave it to the rider I painted some time ago.


I am away for a week’s holiday from this Tuesday(3oth Oct) so there will be a delay on the posting of orders and email replies.


Nice Romans by Kent Stuart Galpin

One of our customers is having his figures painted by Kent, they have kindly allowed us to show the results.

Painted mounted commander SUC18

I had a go, in my usual quick method of painting, on one of Adam’s new mounted commanders. I picked the 1/2 armoured horse to see what the soon to be released companions will look like. Painted in around 2 hours with 15mins basing it will do for the table.