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UD5 Volscian infantry 24 figures

Just received my first unit of Aventine Miniatures. They are first class sculpts with a good deal of variation and detail. I think they are some of the best miniatures I've ever purchased and will definitely be buying more. Well done Aventine. Keep up the good work.

Chris Richards-Scully UD5 Volscian infantry 24 figures

“Best 28mm ancients available on the market”

I only discovered these guys by chance, however I now consider them the best 28mm ancients available on the market. These figures mix extremely well with Crusader and A&A Miniatures. The sculpts are crisp with very little flash, subsequnetly they are an absolute pleasure to paint. Furthermore, they are rather nice guys to deal with!!!

“The best 28 mm figures I have ever seen”

I saw Aventine Miniatures discussed on here and decided to try them out and I must say that I am EXTREMELY impressed, they are by far the best 28 mm figures I have ever seen.

W Oldfield

UD79 Thorakitai with command (16 figs.)

I have dealt with the company for many years and their service is always excellent and communications most prompt. The Thorakitai. Fine sculpts and a good workmanlike pose for the rank and file. Command Group provides a good character boost for the unit. Painted up very well -gave them long thrusting spears (AV03). Painted shields

G Grant UD79 Thorakitai with command (16 figs.)

SUC04 / SUC05

The quality of the sculpting on all of these miniatures is extremely impressive. The level of detail on clothing and armour really stands out and shows a high level of research. Given that the company produces figures for a host of different armies, Aventine could become your company of choice for a ‘one stop’ shop

Mark Boam SUC04 / SUC05