Early Imperial Romans


EIR 100-190AD
(November 2014)
To date we have 32 packs of Legionaries in two sets of helmets, 2 packs of Praetorian Guard , 4 legionary command packs, 2 Guard command packs, two packs of Senior Commanders, 3 packs of Auxiliaries with 2 commands sets, Western and Eastern Archers, Auxiliary Cavalry, Praetorian Cavalry, Contarii, Catatphacts. We then added three packs of Emperors.

The original release with the Italic H helmets went down well but it became obvious that other helmet styles were in demand. We then added the Gallic I+J styles to the same bodies. We think that with the new helmets the period covered has been expanded to about 100AD-190AD. We then added more helmets to the mail legionaries and a new oval scuta thus bringing the period up to around 220AD.

EIR Legionaries 1 EIR Legionaries 2 EIR Legionaries 3 EIR Legionaries 4