Current Project update

We have started on the remake of our Republican Roman range now that the Byzantines are complete. The first packs are in the store ie RR01-RR03 the Velites. Adam is currently working on the masters for the Hastati, Principes and Triarii. We will release the packs as fast as possible when they complete.

We hope to extend the range to cover the Marian and Caesar periods then start on the Etruscans and Hill Tribes. We also want to add Samnite foot to this section.

It is not strictly a remake but appears move of a do-over with new dollies and a cleaning up of the packs in the ranges(we had far too many).

This all takes time and involves a fair outlay on our part, we are going as fast as possible and as much as I would like to be able to post dates etc. it will all depend on Adam and how much work is involved, please be patient.


Keith and Adam

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