Increasing delays due to huge increase in orders

We have to be upfront and report that the level of orders placed with us is still massive. The result is an increase in the time between orders being placed and them being shipped. I would guess that an order placed today will not be shipped for 3 weeks as we have enough orders already to fill that time. Adam is back helping out but that has an effect on the Byzantine Cavalry, he cannot be in two places LOL. The horses are nearly done and work on the unit will start soon.

If this delay is too great for anyone please email us and we will arrange a refund.

On another issue, delays due to CV19 are popping up around the world. We track some orders but even that doesn’t help when a package reaches somewhere that is in lockdown as it just disappears until they get a chance to enter it into their systems again.

Stay safe and keep painting.

Keith and Adam

One thought on “Increasing delays due to huge increase in orders”

  1. Thanks for the update Keith, glad business is good ..looking forwards to The Byzantine mounted, in due course…meanwhile I will follow your advice and keep on painting…plenty to get on with 😀. Regards Mark J

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