Heavy Order Book and Elephant stocks

Hi folks, we have had another rush of orders, Adam has had to stay at home to assist his wife who sadly fell and broke her leg, leaving me to do all the casting. The large number of orders received has resulted in a delay between time of ordering and shipping of around 10 working days at present. Shipping times are starting to vary a lot, one order took 2 full weeks to get from Northern Ireland to England and depart for Europe, some get through in days.

Today Scotty got the latest restock of the armoured Indian Elephant bodies and heads to us, they are back in the store now. There is limited stock of the ELA03 Hercules left, just saying. lol

The Byzantine cavalry is getting ever closer, Adam showed me the greens and they are well on their way to completion, hoping for the first packs in around 2 weeks if all goes as planned.


4 thoughts on “Heavy Order Book and Elephant stocks”

  1. Did you ever consider doing personality figures like Alexander or Julius Caesar etc ?

    1. Tony

      We tend to add the Personality figures for each range as we do them, Pyrrhus etc ise an example. To spend time on the generals etc that are not part of one of our ranges isn’t possible, sorry.


  2. Thanks Keith,
    Just curious , why do the successors and not an Alexander/Phillip range ?

    1. When we started this whole thing off we were just doing Rome and its enemies so Alexander was too early. Since then we have moved the borders a bit. We started the successors with Pyrrhus and moved them onwards. To do Alexander would be a step too far at present.

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