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  1. Hello, need some advice please Gents. I’ve spent the best part of two and a half hours tonight prepping (little needed doing as the figures are almost without flash), two units of Roman cavalry and trying to assemble them. So far I haven’t managed to complete one single figure. What glue works? I have used 3 different types (all I have), but they just will not stick. Tomorrow I’m going to try using glue and green stuff but if you know of a glue that works please let me know. Thanks. Mark G.

    1. Mark, I emailed you on our thoughts but for anyone else reading this try using the thin superglue and give it a bit longer than usual, it worked for us when we put the latest 2 part figures together.

  2. The new Indian elephants look great! Now we need Indian crews with bows/javelins riding them astride. Hardly anyone makes this crew and we need one!

  3. As far as I am concerned I had trouble to assemble them as well using superglue until I used Prince August metal glue that I recommand !
    btw I can’t wait for the reissue of the thureophoroi and thracians!

  4. I was looking for some 28mm models of the five different animal standards that were used in a Roman legion before the Romans used only the Eagle from the time of Marius. I telephoned Aventine and a few days later five excellent models arrived by post, including one they had made specially for me. Well done, guys, thank you.

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