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  1. Hello, need some advice please Gents. I’ve spent the best part of two and a half hours tonight prepping (little needed doing as the figures are almost without flash), two units of Roman cavalry and trying to assemble them. So far I haven’t managed to complete one single figure. What glue works? I have used 3 different types (all I have), but they just will not stick. Tomorrow I’m going to try using glue and green stuff but if you know of a glue that works please let me know. Thanks. Mark G.

    1. Mark, I emailed you on our thoughts but for anyone else reading this try using the thin superglue and give it a bit longer than usual, it worked for us when we put the latest 2 part figures together.

    2. Gorilla superglue. Not the gel. Little late answer but future reference. Works perfect. Have used it on 1000’s of minis

  2. The new Indian elephants look great! Now we need Indian crews with bows/javelins riding them astride. Hardly anyone makes this crew and we need one!

  3. As far as I am concerned I had trouble to assemble them as well using superglue until I used Prince August metal glue that I recommand !
    btw I can’t wait for the reissue of the thureophoroi and thracians!

  4. I was looking for some 28mm models of the five different animal standards that were used in a Roman legion before the Romans used only the Eagle from the time of Marius. I telephoned Aventine and a few days later five excellent models arrived by post, including one they had made specially for me. Well done, guys, thank you.

  5. Hi Keith – love the beautiful new Thureophoroi figures and delivered really quickly.
    Having the same problem as others to assemble. Have washed the figures to get rid of any release agent, scraped out the socket for the head, ground the head into the socket to ensure good contact and used 4 different superglues – all thin – 2 from Locktite, 1 Diall and 1 Gorilla but with little success. I managed to assemble 6 last night with difficulty but 5 of them were loose today – have ordered different glues & will keep trying. All the glues work – at least on my fingers! Any further suggestions would be welcome. As a point, didn’t have any problem with the elephant & crew I received a month ago. Thanks Dave

    1. Dave

      It is the pewter, use only a thin layer of glue to stick then add more once held, always use in a warm room, glue we use works okay, Everbuild industrial grade GP from Amazon, 3 bottles around £7.00

      I have assembled the thureophoroi and the thracians using it and have relatively little issues apart from needing some patience, anything cool or cold just makes the glue dry far too slowly.


  6. Thanks Keith
    Have tried a couple as you suggested – under a warm lamp – and it’s much better. Should manage the rest now. The quality of the pewter is excellent – the figures superb. Will try that glue you suggest. Cheers Dave

  7. Hello Keith,

    My condolences for your loss and my best wishes for a kinder New Year for you and yours. I hope family, the routines of work and time bring you comfort in the days ahead.

    I am looking for some cavalry for my Victrix Republican Romans. I have some of their plastic cavalry but I would like to try a unit of yours (12) and at least one unit of your Greek/Italian? light cavalry (12) to supplement my Hail Caesar/To the Strongest! forces. The EIR auxiliaries I got from you were splendid, by the way. I was wondering how these units might fit with two divisions of Republican Romans and a division of Italian allies (all plastic) and especially Victrix Republican cavalry in terms of stature, build, etc. I hope I am not putting you on the spot. I am starting to really like metal miniatures thanks to you.

    My best to you,


    1. Thank you Kris we are getting there. The Victrix plastic infantry match well with our product, their cavalry tends to vary in size a bit so it depends on which ones you compare them to. I would suggest that there would be no issues mixing the two in different units.

      Hope that helps


  8. Just want to say that I’ve placed three orders with Aventine miniatures now and I absolutely love every model. They’re a perfect size and scale for 28mm and match a ton of other companies out there. Right now Aventine is my go to for all things Roman or Italian Cavalry. Just want to say awesome job and wish you all the best while we get through these odd times!

  9. I have samnite, tarantine and italian cavalry set. I Need the transfers for the shields. Which transfers fit with the shields of these miniatura?

    1. Hi

      For the Samnites use any of the hoplon transfers and the SAM(AV)01.
      For the Tarentines use any that fit the AVS13 shields eg PYR(AV)1-7 or SUC(BG)2-6
      For the Italian cavalry use the split transfers ETR(AV)7+8, REP(AV)10+11,


  10. Keith, all well? I think a lot of us are missing your news… Best regards, Ian

  11. Hi, I’m looking for you huns/steppe tribes but most of them are not longer available… will they be restocked?

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