Seleucid Line Cataphracts

We have just finished the first of the Seleucid Cavalry units, the Line Cataphracts. Agema and Companions next. I have shown the second set of legs we will supply with the HCS10 levelled weapons pack, this allows the lance to be pointed towards the grounds(that pack has 3 bodies but 4 sets of legs). We will also do a deal with all weapons upright if asked.

New cataphract mounts for the Successor range

Adam has completely remade the cataphract horses for the soon to be released successor cavalry. They are bigger in all aspects when compared to the Parthian cataphract mounts. We decided to do this as many have commented on the smallness of the older models. When we were making them the finds at Dura Europos pointed out that the horses were small as demonstrated by the set of horse armour on an ass/donkey. However we agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and have now given peeps the choice over large beasts or the original smaller casts. There are 9 different variants with the 07 pack doubling in the 12 figure unit deals(Adam intended that they be the front rank). The first set due I believe are the line cataphracts but as we all know it will depend on Adam. There will be 1/2 armoured horses as well to carry the Companions and earlier Agema. We hope to get them and the remaining infantry finished asap to allow progress on the next range.

All 9 of the New Cataphract horses in line

The New Cataphract mounts – Aventine
CAT09 Aventine Cataphracts
CAT08 Aventine Cataphracts
CAT07 Aventine Cataphracts

Website store problem communicating

We have had an issue over the weekend that caused the online store to stop receiving notifications from Paypal. This has been sorted but required a rollback of the database. This has resulted in the loss of several new accounts created after the rollback point. No order details or payments have been lost, we have all in hand ready to cast and post. If you find your account is gone please start fresh by creating the account again. We can send copies of the order details that have been lost from the missing accounts if you need to check them over.

We do not know what caused this issue, it hasn’t occurred before and seems to have been a corrupted file.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Keith and Adam

Painted mounted commander SUC18

I had a go, in my usual quick method of painting, on one of Adam’s new mounted commanders. I picked the 1/2 armoured horse to see what the soon to be released companions will look like. Painted in around 2 hours with 15mins basing it will do for the table.

Mounted Successor Commanders

Adam arrived this morning with the Mounted Commanders. All now in the shop. Been a tad busy this week and the turnaround on orders has slipped a bit, if you are waiting for them to drop through your door I think all will be up to date by Tuesday.

Slideshow of the three Successors.