Northstar Wire Spears

Northstar are no longer in a position to supply us with their NS102 wire spears. This is something we have no control over and is due to a change in the supplier’s pricing that makes them no longer viable.

I have removed them from our store as we are running low on stock and will not be able to fulfil orders.

Sorry sad news but there you have it.

Keith and Adam

ELA03 Hercules the Elephant by Gary Stark

Gary sent us the photos below of the 10th year anniversary figure, he choose blue were I did mine red. Lovely job as always, thanks Gary. (They are not in the store at present as we are having the moulds remade, back up soon.)

The casualty figure is from the IHT005 pack with a head from the successor range added.

ELA03 Armoured African War Elephant
ELA03 Armoured African War Elephant

Short Break and Update on new stuff

We will be away from Wednesday the 30th until Monday the 4th, given the large amount of orders flowing in we need to let you all know that there will be a slight delay on some. Orders already in will take all of the 2 working days and some more to complete so any placed now will be at least 7 -10 days before shipping.

Adam has already finished the second command group for the heavy infantry and has most of the work done on the next unit of lighter armoured infantry. As the range progresses he adds bits and pieces to it so expect extra command figures or alternative figures for packs. It just happens as he sculpts the range and discovers that it wouldn’t take much to add this or that.

Anyway we will not be doing anything else until we are happy with the extent of the Byzantines.

Cheers Keith and Adam.

First look at the Byzantine infantry

The first packs will be ready next week, just finishing the command and archers. The photos show some of the 12 different standing figures, they will have a 4 figure command and rear rank archers as an option. Thee are 4 different armour types and a load of different heads/helmets. The figure resting shield on ground is correct, it just needs the basing material to lift the shield into contact with the hand. Steve at LBMS is trying to find time to do transfers for them and we will post any news on that front.