Adams Later Pike Phalanx

Adam has been at me to do Ptolemaic phalangites for some time so when he had completed the later style linothorax he had to have some. That said they will do all the Later successor armies. The character pack is also useful in the imitation legionary units, the Thorakitai units etc.

Christmas Greatings

To all, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be easing down towards the end of the week and will start back again in the New Year. All orders received before Wednesday will be posted before we stop, those after that will have to wait. Adam has had a few health issues that has slowed his sculpting down so we have missed our estimated release dates for the Seleucid cavalry later phalangites and advancing/attacking thureophoroi, they are still progressing and nothing has been cut. Once they have been completed we will start on the Byzantines.

Keith and Adam

Linothorax standing figures

We added the linothorax standing figures to the store in various guises. The figure was created to fill gaps in the ranges and so we can now offer Thorakitai/Thureophoroi in linothorax, Late period Hoplites, and imitation legionaries in the lighter armour. Other uses could be for eastern late republican legionaries as shown on the Glanum monument (although we think they are Pontic or Seleucid Imitation legionaries) which are shown with the unusual helmets and round hoplons. We can vary the packs to suit needs so just ask.

Imitation legionaries in linothorax

Late period hoplites


Warfare and Resin elephants

Adam at our stand at Warfare Reading

Well the weekend was fun if tiring but we got the chance to speak to loads of people and show off our figures. Rob at Hysterical Games produced two big boxes of resin elephants. He told me he had tried a different way while casting them, I have to say that the first batch were very good but this last lot are even better. We also have the Africans cast in resin so they are also back on the store. Orders will suffer a delay as we are knackered and I have a family funeral to attend tomorrow so there will be a few days added to the usual delivery times.

Indian Elephant Crews Painted

I have had the 2 crews sitting on my table for a while now and I have just managed to get some time to finish them off. Please forgive the static grass that has managed to adhere to the figures(did not notice until I had the photos taken and no time to retake at present). I did remove the figures from the elephants to paint them as they are so close it would have been difficult if not impossible to get the paint on them in place. The two elephants are the same models as the grey photos in the store. Anyway enough of the blather…