About Us

We have been asked several times now Aventine got started.

Keith and Adam have known each other for around 35 years through the local war-gaming and modelling club in Belfast.  When Keith was offered an early retirement he decided that he would like to make his hobby into a part-time occupation and contacted Adam to see if he could be tempted. The discussion was very brief and it was agreed, Aventine would be born on the 1st April 2009.

Since then it has turned from part-time into something a lot more and as we continue to add to the ranges it may well see an expansion with more bodies spinning lead.

Aventine Miniatures, where did that name come from…

It’s one of the seven hills of Rome. As both Adam and Keith are Roman fans it seemed appropriate and sounded good.  We will be building our ranges to the theme  “The struggle for Italy.”

Our first range was the LATE ETRUSCAN range which is available to buy in our shop along with our full range.

We will keep you informed of any new ranges we plan to release which will be listed in our shop once complete.

We have added a number of other ranges now, just hover over the Ranges button to see the full list.

All our figures have been sculpted by Adam who designed A&A’s 3rd Century Romans and Palmyrans. He has created a large number of differing figures  to allow the gamer to produce distinctive individual units.

All our figures are made from Lead alloy and contain small parts, they are therefore unsuitable for children under 14.