Mark Ottley’s Macedonians

Mark posted his army on TMP and has allowed us to share it here.


“All infantry are plastic Victrix figures from their Ancient Macedonian and Ancient Greek range. All mounted including elephants are metal Aventine Miniatures from their Pyrrhic range, with the exception of the horse archers which are Warlord. Both Victrix and Aventine are great figures, lovely to put together and paint. Transfers are Little Big Men Studios range, from Victrix. Lances and spears on the metal figures are wire pikes cut to size, from Aventine/Warlord. “

Getting very busy.

You all know by now that we like to dispatch orders asap and that usually means within 2-3 days of the order reaching us. At present that will not be possible as the volume of orders has as of this morning reached epic proportions and I am guessing that the orders will take up to a week to get out.


In other words don’t worry if you don’t get the sent message within the usual time, they will get done just not as quickly as usual.



Keith and Adam