Steppe cavalry now complete

The Steppe Nomads are now finished. They can be used in conjunction with our Sassanian Persians as either allies or enemies. The range covers the period between Rome’s first encounter with the Huns in the west until after the end of the Sassanian Persian Empire. Think Huns, Turks, Avars, Alans etc, etc.


Although, as has been pointed out by several people on various blogs, the range could extend to at least the 9th Century Ad. We feel that after this the figures could still be used either mixed with later types or used as allies down to the Mongol Period. They would also be useful in a Byzantine army down to the 13th Century.


Most are 2 piece bodies with separate heads, as in most of our sets we will try to give you the heads that you want with the figures, just add a note in the ordering process or an email and we will do our best to match them up for you. There are just too many different possibilities with this lot to list every combination(I tried with ST07 but even then fell short by about 3 sets). Most come with horse baggage items and extra archery equipment to allow the figures to have an individual appearance.


Short holiday

I am gong away for a few days R&R and will be back on Wednesday afternoon/early evening 19th August. All emails etc. will be dealt with upon my return along with orders being processed at present. So in real terms the orders placed since Friday lunchtime will be posted on Thursday as opposed to the usual one day turn around.





Steppe Light Horse

We have added 2 packs of the light horse to the Steppe range. ST06 is the command and ST07 the horse archers. The Horse Archers have 3 different sets of head, the one shown , a set with late Roman helmeted types and another set of steppe hoods. There are lots of small bits to add to the figures these can be seen in the photographs. The horses are those from the SASSH03-06 range. More next week then it is the infantry for the Sassanids.


Dougie Cameron’s Sassanid Persians

Dougie painted these up for us some time ago and I have only now photographed them. Worth waiting for, very colourful and detailed.