Sassanids to date

12961545_1371860206165304_2366906123476315609_nThis is as far as I have managed to get with a project I never intended to start, they were painted unit by unit for fun and now amount to a game sized bunch.

Late Parthian/Early Sassanid cataphracts with separate heads

We have now listed the remodeled Late Parthian/Early Sassanid cataphracts, they have minor changes to facilitate the separate heads but are essentially the same bodies as those in the UD56 unit deals and associated packs. By doing this we can use them with the newer heads made for the Sassanids, we will continue to list the original versions as well. Why do this? Adam tried one of the bodies with the new heads and liked it so much he went ahead and converted the whole set, he also added more heads to the mix so each unit deal will come with 18 heads to choose from, 12 of which will be specific to which ever set you order ie P or S. In the next week or so we will paint a unit each and post the results. We also added a mounted drummer to the ranges SASS6, it is listed as a separate model as not everyone will want one in the units.


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