Current state of things Aventine

Folks I work from home so will not be slowed by this disaster that has fallen upon us all. Today was St Patricks day so no post here but I will be out tomorrow with the boxes.

Adam is also busy on the next wave of Byzantine infantry. He is finishing the archers, they will come in several forms, rear rank unarmoured, light armoured and skirmishing.

We are also pondering separate heads for them as this will increase the span of years and region they will suitable for(even Late Romans).

Anyway, stay safe and look after each other.


Keith and Adam

New Store has begun.

I have started the long and boring task of adding the contents of our 11 year old on line store to the new platform. To date I have added the Republican Romans and Early Byzantines (I cannot take anymore I will be keeping both the old store and the new one running together until the entire shop has move across. There will be slight changes in the posting/shipping rates as the two systems are not quite the same.

If you want a look at the fleggling store have a gander at

and click on the store. There isn’t a lot on store front yet but you will see the way we hope to go.

Any errors spotted please let us know, thanks.

Keith and Adam

Problems sorted with Paypal

I managed to resolve the issues with the Paypal Module and our store. Time has caught up with the software and we will be replacing the current store with a new one. That will take time and I will do the prep. work behind the scenes. When it is ready I think running both at the same time may prove the way to go as we cannot transfer the data bases to the new system, there are just too many changes to make that an easy option.

Anyway the thing is working as it always did for now and we carry on as usual.

Work is progressing on the unarmoured Byzantine infantry and it now looks as if the archers will be first to appear.


Keith and Adam

Problems with our site and Paypal

From Sunday morning the online store and paypal have had a falling out. An order reaches Paypal and payment is taken but when the customer is returned to the store it says the opposite, a notice stating that Payment was not verified and to try again. We receive the payment and an email telling us that our account has been credited. The problem is that Paypal doesn’t tell out store that and thus the erroneous message. We have the details and the payment and can process the order, it is all so confusing.

I have been trying to find out why this is happening as we changed nothing on our site.

I am exploring a new more modern online store at present, this will take time to establish.

We have printed all the current orders and will progress them as usual. If you want, email us and we can do it the old way.

Sorry but I am at a loss at present as to what is going on.

Next Unit for Byzantine nearly ready. WIP

Adam has all the bits for the next infantry unit for the Byzantine range. He has shared a WIP photo of the command pack. The unit is the lighter armoured infantry of the battle line, it has some characteristics of the Danube garrison troops and will come in several poses that we hope will allow the building of a shield wall.

Things are sort of back to normal

Sadly I lost my eldest son to depression just before Christmas, we as a family want to thank all who sent us their thoughts at this terrible time.

Adam has also had his woes, he hurt his back and this slowed down his progress on the new figures, we thought he was getting better but recently he was back in hospital with disc problems, he has been doing what he can but sitting bent over figures isn’t the way to go for his back.

We are hopeful that the next set will be ready within the next week to 10 days but that will depend on Adam’s back.

Anyway the main point of this update is to let you all know that we are back working away and can process orders as normal.

Thank you all again, it is great to have such thoughtful friends.