New Store has begun.

I have started the long and boring task of adding the contents of our 11 year old on line store to the new platform. To date I have added the Republican Romans and Early Byzantines (I cannot take anymore I will be keeping both the old store and the new one running together until the entire shop has move across. There will be slight changes in the posting/shipping rates as the two systems are not quite the same.

If you want a look at the fleggling store have a gander at

and click on the store. There isn’t a lot on store front yet but you will see the way we hope to go.

Any errors spotted please let us know, thanks.

Keith and Adam

2 thoughts on “New Store has begun.”

  1. The new store looks good except for the colour scheme for the text. I find the dark blue text on the green background very difficult to read. Of course that may be due to the fact that I’m going to be 70 in a few weeks!

    1. Larry

      Thank you for this, I am working on the site and had just gone with a load of default settings, ended up with a dog as the background lol. I have made some changes and will do more when I get time away from casting. Cheers keith

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