Problems with our site and Paypal

From Sunday morning the online store and paypal have had a falling out. An order reaches Paypal and payment is taken but when the customer is returned to the store it says the opposite, a notice stating that Payment was not verified and to try again. We receive the payment and an email telling us that our account has been credited. The problem is that Paypal doesn’t tell out store that and thus the erroneous message. We have the details and the payment and can process the order, it is all so confusing.

I have been trying to find out why this is happening as we changed nothing on our site.

I am exploring a new more modern online store at present, this will take time to establish.

We have printed all the current orders and will progress them as usual. If you want, email us and we can do it the old way.

Sorry but I am at a loss at present as to what is going on.

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