My latest additions to my Early Byzantine LADG force

I took to painting the shields as Steve at LBMS just has not had any free time at all to add new sets to the 3 we have for the large scutums(Packs BYZ01 to BYZ06). After a phone call with Adam the other day, we have decided to make a new shield that will take transfers that are already available. Once we have the shield in production and stock of the transfers we will add a pack to the store offering them together. Not perfect but for those like me who are not the best at the old painting lark, a necessary provision for now.

Adam has now completed the unarmoured bodies for the archers, both rear rank and light foot, the standing and advancing spearmen along with the officer packs.

We will add the packs over the next couple of weeks once he has the production figures ready for the mould.

Anyway here are the photos of the second phase line infantry.

Stay safe folks.

Keith and Adam

3 thoughts on “My latest additions to my Early Byzantine LADG force”

    1. Unarmoured with applique, Adam has also told me he wants to add some with light armour but I don’t know if he will do both advancing and standing in that form yet.

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