To The Strongest World Championships

Steve Drover contacted us and asked if we would be interested in supporting the TTS World Championships at Chalgrove this year, we of course were delighted to do so. Simon Miller, a good friend, wrote the rules a number of years ago and since their publication they have gone from strength to strength.

We believe that this years Championship was the largest 28mm gaming competition(full format games) with 41 entries, if not it is still a very good turnout.

The prizes offered were in the form of vouchers that could be used at Aventine Miniatures and 2 of the winners have done just that.

Once again, thanks Steve and Simon for the opportunity to help promote such a fun set of rules and the hobby in general.

The placing at the right end of the list are as follows

Chris Winter Imperial Seleucid 586.4

Gareth Purchon Principate Romans 580.2

Colin Hoare Later Italian Condottiere (Venetian)   570.0

Simon Miller Later Italian Condottiere (Milanese)   552.2

Peter Anderson Late Achaemenid 540.3

Well done all who attended, helping to make the event such a success.

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  1. As a point of note, the Principate Roman army was entirely Aventine Miniatures!
    Simon Purchon

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