Aventine Miniatures New Catalog

As the last stage of the server move/upgrade we have added an updated shop/catalog system to the site with all the latest features. It is also now optimised for mobile devices in case you wish to place orders using your phone or tablet. The functionality and categories are the same as before and we will be updating these further with images and descriptions where appropriate to make it easier to navigate. We have tested the main features without any issues but as always if there are any problems or you need any help with it just contact us!

The shop is live at https://aventineminiatures.co.uk/catalog as usual.

Glue, New Elephants and some nice painting

We have been getting questions as to what glue we use to stick the metals together, it seems that pewter is not that superglue friendly. Adam found that the really cheap thin stuff from the likes of the pound shops works as well as it did on the lead alloy, others found that UHU or Bostok was the way to go. I found the howdahs a real problem before resorting to Adam’s thin cheap stuff, Adam also recommended using Bluetack to hold the howdah side together as the glue dried.

The new Resin Elephants are now in the store, I mention this as we want to let you know we will be adding unit deals for 2 elephants and crews once the crew sets have been remade. They will include the new astride crews and have a small saving over the packs prices.

We get sent photographs of painted figures from time to time but I think this is the first link to a youtube video

I really like them and the horses are some of the best I have seen to date. Thank you Frazier Ketteringham for sharing with us.

I have also been trying out the resin beasts to see how they take paint and washes. This is just Halfords grey primer, washed with Agrax Earthshade then dry brushed with a light beige followed by another quick wash. The small ridge on the upper blanket is the glue from a howdah I had fitted to check fit etc. Might use this for an astride crew. Old on the left new on the right.

Getting very busy.

You all know by now that we like to dispatch orders asap and that usually means within 2-3 days of the order reaching us. At present that will not be possible as the volume of orders has as of this morning reached epic proportions and I am guessing that the orders will take up to a week to get out.


In other words don’t worry if you don’t get the sent message within the usual time, they will get done just not as quickly as usual.



Keith and Adam

Levy Pikemen for Ptolemy

In response to a question about Raphia we decided to add some levy pikemen. The problem is what did they look like? Adam decided to add some heads with a felt/leather skull cap somewhat like those in films wore by priests and commoners alike.  We have produced the bodies headless so further down the line we will be able to make up all the possible variations of different bodies and different heads. PH28 are all unarmoured levy, PH29 have 2 unarmoured and 2 in linothorax while PH30 are all in linothorax. Each pack will have 5 heads 4 in the skull caps and 1 in a leather fancy job. When we get the rest of the bodies and heads prepared we will list them separately so you will order the body then the heads, that way we can also offer the heads separately as well.