Levy Pikemen for Ptolemy

In response to a question about Raphia we decided to add some levy pikemen. The problem is what did they look like? Adam decided to add some heads with a felt/leather skull cap somewhat like those in films wore by priests and commoners alike.  We have produced the bodies headless so further down the line we will be able to make up all the possible variations of different bodies and different heads. PH28 are all unarmoured levy, PH29 have 2 unarmoured and 2 in linothorax while PH30 are all in linothorax. Each pack will have 5 heads 4 in the skull caps and 1 in a leather fancy job. When we get the rest of the bodies and heads prepared we will list them separately so you will order the body then the heads, that way we can also offer the heads separately as well.


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