New General and horse along with musicians for the Sassanids

We have added another pack to the infantry to fill the gap we did not think was there, the musicians. Adam has crafted 2 drummers and a horn player and to fill out the pack there is another standard bearer/spearman. The pack has 6 heads(all figures are headless) and 3 standards. We also had a mounted general and his horse sitting waiting completion, this has a choice of either a sword or axe armed rider, loads of detail on both.


Christmas Time

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. We will be closed for business over the holiday period closing on Tuesday 22nd and only nipping in to check on emails until the Monday the 4th 2016.


Aventine is like the Royals, it has 2 birthdays. On the 1st December 2008 we set up Aventine and then for the next 5 months we bought casting and moulding equipment, learnt how to use it and prepared the first range ready for sale when we opened for business on the 1st April 2009. All you see on the site has been created by Adam and Keith since then. We would guess that there are around 250,000 Aventine little men out there now and a few Elephants as well. All this has been possible because of you our customers/friends and we thank you.


Next year we hope to start another grand project, the Byzantines, starting with the Early and progressing onwards. Before we start that we will complete a Samnite cavalry unit, add cavalry to the Seleucid section and revamp some of the successor infantry. YES Mike Adams, we will do Samnite cavalry soon. We still have to complete the armoured infantry command pack for the Sassanids, we stopped that to let Adam help out with the casting, we had so many orders that that was the only way to get them away before the posting deadline, it has been started and should not take long to finish.


Have a Merry time and don’t strain too many eyes painting, there is always next year for that.


Keith and Adam

Unarmoured infantry packs done for Sassanids.

We have added 4 packs of unarmoured infantry to the store, two with round shield and javelin and two with large shield and spear. As you can see, I have put the shields on the spearmen with the pointed end up as that is what we feel is correct way. The difficulty comes from the finds lacking any handles or other evidence to support either method. We feel that given historical precedent and practicality this pointly way up is the more likely. The Osprey illustrators have it the other way as in the first set of packs(the reason they were setup in that way). The models are such that you can do whichever way you feel is correct or just looks better.


Sassanid Spearmen in light armour SASS33+34

Adam finished the first 2 packs on Friday but I have been busy with orders and did not get the mould completed until today, He also handed me the next 2 packs of unarmoured infantry which I will be moulding tomorrow. The SASS33 pack is an infantry man standing holding the spear upright behind his large shield, the SASS34 pack have the figures thrusting in 4 different poses. The unarmoured packs will also be in this fashion.  Commands for them as soon as we can get them finished.


Mad Doc Morris and his Seven Hills of Rome

We were asked if we would sell a selection of our Etruscan and Hill tribes figures for a project on the LAF forum, we of course did so. Mad Doc then painted a figure a day over a week and posted the photos along with a short story line. I will confess to clicking onto the site through the mornings to see if the latest post had got up. I have collected the photos together and put them in the slideshow. Here is the link to the LAF forum post if you want to read the comments and story line.


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