Seleucid Companions painted

As many of you already know, I prefer LADG rules presently, to that end I have painted 2 units of companions for my army.

I do not consider myself a painter but a wargamer who paints his own figures. I am still pleased with how they turned out(made that much easier by Adams sculpting).

2 thoughts on “Seleucid Companions painted”

  1. Nicely done Keith. The white cloaks, boots and pteruges work well. LADG is a good set of Rules, we alternate with Basic Impetus. Is the standard bearer the only figure that comes with a face mask? Am waiting to place an order for these chaps once the last of the Successor infantry are released. Have a couple of spare frontal “plate” armoured horses I might use for the command group.


  2. Thanks Garry, yes the only figure with a face mask in the Companion unit is the standard bearer, you cold mix in a few Agema which all have face masks.


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