Hi everyone, we are still working away on the Byzantines.

Just a short update on the current situation at Aventine. All is well, Adam is working away on the cavalry for the Byzantines, the unarmoured horses are complete and he is working on the armoured versions. Once they are complete he can start on the riders(we need to be able to test fit them on the production horses first).

We are also making new moulds for the EIR packs, when they are done I will be putting them back in the store. Adam is taking this opportunity to fix the bases and a few small changes he thinks will improve the figures.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for some really lovely paint jobs.


Keith and Adam

Estimated times for delivery of orders

Still working away on my own, Adam is producing the Byzantines with 2 more commands to be added today. I have been getting a lot of emails as to when packages will arrive, the answer is I do not really know but it appears to be around 7-10 days within the UK(sometimes much quicker), 3 weeks to Australia, New Zealand and the US with European orders around 14 days all from date of posting.

Production is running around 5 working days behind date of order being placed, this varies given the amount coming in and the necessity to create the new moulds which takes hours away from casting etc.

If you have any concerns I will do my best to answer them.

Stay safe.

Keith and Adam

Delays etc.

I am working on my own due to the current advice. There have been record orders received. I am doing the posting on Wednesdays and Fridays to reduce the times I must leave the house. This will result it delays that I can do nothing about. I will do my best to get the figures out to you asap.

New packs will be added when I get the time to do so.

Keep calm, paint and stay safe.


My latest additions to my Early Byzantine LADG force

I took to painting the shields as Steve at LBMS just has not had any free time at all to add new sets to the 3 we have for the large scutums(Packs BYZ01 to BYZ06). After a phone call with Adam the other day, we have decided to make a new shield that will take transfers that are already available. Once we have the shield in production and stock of the transfers we will add a pack to the store offering them together. Not perfect but for those like me who are not the best at the old painting lark, a necessary provision for now.

Adam has now completed the unarmoured bodies for the archers, both rear rank and light foot, the standing and advancing spearmen along with the officer packs.

We will add the packs over the next couple of weeks once he has the production figures ready for the mould.

Anyway here are the photos of the second phase line infantry.

Stay safe folks.

Keith and Adam

Posting and CV19

I was unaware of any restrictions on posting around the world until this morning. The link below takes you to the Royal Mail site where details on overseas posting are published.

Please check your location for the latest position.

If you are in a country that cannot receive at present we will refund the order upon your request, if you want we will hold the order until things ease.


Stay safe.


Keith and Adam