Galatian Command Set 1 ready

We decided to add Galatians to the successor range, at first we imagined a 16 figure unit based around the figures in the SUC14 pack. While working on them it soon became evident that there was more to do than just that. Adam has now done an armoured command as shown in the photos, standing armoured warriors, advancing swordsmen that can also be spearmen(separate hands) and is working on the unarmoured command. Once they are all done we see 2 units or even a 3rd if some people want a mix of armoured and unarmoured.

Anyway the point is that when asked I thought they would have been completed a month ago but it turns out that the work involved required making more use of the figures than a simple 16 figure unit.

We also think they could be used for a lot of the Celtic tribes of the period, Northern Italian comes to mind for one and the new shields will certainly help in that direction.

Hercules ELA03 out of stock

We sold all the original stock received from Scottie at Templar Wargames and Scenery in around 3 days, we ordered more (arriving tomorrow) and still did not have enough to fill all the orders placed. We have taken it down from the store until we have stock in hand as the pile of boxes is growing awaiting the beasts.

We did not see the demand coming, yes it is a wonderful thing and a joy to paint but hey 6-8 weeks stock sold in 3 days…lol Thank you all for your continuing support.

Keith and Adam

Something special to mark 10 years of Aventine Miniatures

As it is our 10th anniversary we decided to add something special to the ranges, what would it be? As we are known for our elephants an addition to them seemed the best way to mark the occasion. So what have we not covered, an Armoured African for the Successor period. We are calling it “Hercules”

The beast is fully armoured with a howdah that will take 3 occupants if so desired. This howdah is in 2 parts and we have crafted a 3rd side with a dead soldier hanging over the side as an option, the crew consists of a mahout, a pikeman, an archer and a javelinman. The entire set is sold together and includes all the above with shields, weapons and quiver etc. The head and body are cast in resin while the remaining parts are in pewter.

The photos below show the parts in their grey form, I will be painting one as soon as possible and will add the photos of that once ready. I am not sure if Adam will be able to resist having a go as well but he is busy trying to get the Galatians done so we can move on.

Thank you all for your support over the past 10 years, we don’t advertise as we are just about able to cast what we sell, that situation is down to you folks.

Advancing Thureophoroi

We have completed the advancing Thureophoroi section under the Successor range. There are 2 variants, one in Attic helmets and the other in the Ascalon style helmets. To do this we have cast the figures with separate heads. We will supply the longer spear and thureos shield with them. A small advantage to having the heads separate is the ability to use any of the heads from the ranges which will open the scope of their use. Adam will be using them for an elephant escort changing the shield to a pelt and using shorter spears.

I have shown them 4 to a 60mm wide base as I will be using them as HI spear in my list already having enough MI spear.

Next are the Galatians then the long awaited Byzantines.

To The Strongest World Championships

Steve Drover contacted us and asked if we would be interested in supporting the TTS World Championships at Chalgrove this year, we of course were delighted to do so. Simon Miller, a good friend, wrote the rules a number of years ago and since their publication they have gone from strength to strength.

We believe that this years Championship was the largest 28mm gaming competition(full format games) with 41 entries, if not it is still a very good turnout.

The prizes offered were in the form of vouchers that could be used at Aventine Miniatures and 2 of the winners have done just that.

Once again, thanks Steve and Simon for the opportunity to help promote such a fun set of rules and the hobby in general.

The placing at the right end of the list are as follows

Chris Winter Imperial Seleucid 586.4

Gareth Purchon Principate Romans 580.2

Colin Hoare Later Italian Condottiere (Venetian)   570.0

Simon Miller Later Italian Condottiere (Milanese)   552.2

Peter Anderson Late Achaemenid 540.3

Well done all who attended, helping to make the event such a success.

Thracian Merc. Unit

We have finished the Thracian Unit. They have been equipped in the style of the troops used in so many Hellenistic period armies. The THR03 pack has 2 figures with the Rhomphaia and the lower arm separate and the THR01 officer has a sword and arm also separate, the rest of the rhomphaia are cast on the figures. The figures armed with a spear have a shield with the rhomphaia on the rear.