What are we making now?

Just a brief update on what we are working on now and what is next up.

Adam has completed cavalry figures in Linothorax and scale, he is adding mail, mixed pectoral and cloaked breastplated versions this week. By supplying different heads and shield/weapons we can use these to replace the Pyrrhic cavalry, add Macedonians, Carthaginians, mercs, southern Italian Roman allied cavalry, Ptolemaic and Seleucid heavy cavalry.

What will follow? Well we have promised to do Thorakitai, thureophoroi and later Thracians and they will follow the cavalry mentioned above.

After that it is the Seleucid companions, Agema and line cats.

That is all we intend to add to the Successors and once they are finished we will start on the Byzantines(at Last).

Hope that helps clear things up a bit.

4 thoughts on “What are we making now?”

    1. Sorry no time to tackle that one now, maybe further down the line after the Byzantines.

    1. Adam just off the phone, He is bringing the battery masters tomorrow so I hope to be able to make the moulds and photograph the new figures before tomorrow evening.

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