Something special to mark 10 years of Aventine Miniatures

As it is our 10th anniversary we decided to add something special to the ranges, what would it be? As we are known for our elephants an addition to them seemed the best way to mark the occasion. So what have we not covered, an Armoured African for the Successor period. We are calling it “Hercules”

The beast is fully armoured with a howdah that will take 3 occupants if so desired. This howdah is in 2 parts and we have crafted a 3rd side with a dead soldier hanging over the side as an option, the crew consists of a mahout, a pikeman, an archer and a javelinman. The entire set is sold together and includes all the above with shields, weapons and quiver etc. The head and body are cast in resin while the remaining parts are in pewter.

The photos below show the parts in their grey form, I will be painting one as soon as possible and will add the photos of that once ready. I am not sure if Adam will be able to resist having a go as well but he is busy trying to get the Galatians done so we can move on.

Thank you all for your support over the past 10 years, we don’t advertise as we are just about able to cast what we sell, that situation is down to you folks.

4 thoughts on “Something special to mark 10 years of Aventine Miniatures”

  1. Simon, steady! I think you have enough elephants already. I, on the other hand, only have 13 so far…

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