New cataphract mounts for the Successor range

Adam has completely remade the cataphract horses for the soon to be released successor cavalry. They are bigger in all aspects when compared to the Parthian cataphract mounts. We decided to do this as many have commented on the smallness of the older models. When we were making them the finds at Dura Europos pointed out that the horses were small as demonstrated by the set of horse armour on an ass/donkey. However we agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and have now given peeps the choice over large beasts or the original smaller casts. There are 9 different variants with the 07 pack doubling in the 12 figure unit deals(Adam intended that they be the front rank). The first set due I believe are the line cataphracts but as we all know it will depend on Adam. There will be 1/2 armoured horses as well to carry the Companions and earlier Agema. We hope to get them and the remaining infantry finished asap to allow progress on the next range.

All 9 of the New Cataphract horses in line

The New Cataphract mounts – Aventine
CAT09 Aventine Cataphracts
CAT08 Aventine Cataphracts
CAT07 Aventine Cataphracts

6 thoughts on “New cataphract mounts for the Successor range”

  1. Splendid. I did comment on the earlier horses so thank you Adam. See now why the cataphracts broke through a Roman legion at Magnesia! Looking forward to the full Seleucid range.

    1. Yes but there is also scale armour not shown in your examples and we already make a lamellar armoured horse in both fully armoured and 1/2 armoured albeit for the later period Sassanids. The next set of horses for the earlier Agema and Companions will feature the armours shown in the examples you have attached, an example of what they will look like can be seen in the SUC18 figure. As in all things ancient it is down to interruption of very few examples and best guess of what was available to them at the time. Scale was available so to say that they were all lamellar is a leap too far in my book. The armours found in Dura Europos were scale, is it too much to suggest that they were continuing a tradition in armours? Anyway all points of view are valid and I hope that the new horses to come will satisfy your desire to go down the lamellar line. Thanks for your input, it has been taken on board. Keith

  2. I am glad that the new horses will be bigger. I think things have been trending smaller as of late, and the slightly larger stuff you do is my favorite!

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