Steppe Nobles ST02 and ST03

Just finished putting them together, I really like the look Adam has given this lot.


Steppe Noble Cavalry Command

Just finished the first pack of this small mini range intended to be used with the Sassanids and some ranges we have planned. Their armour is lighter than that of the Sassanids being mostly leather and various fabric types. They are shown on the unarmoured horses from the SASSH03-06 packs and can be purchased without any horse.


New Green ready

Yesterday I made another mould for Adam, this one had the basic building blocks for the Steppe Noble cavalry. They will need a bit of assembly and modification and then the production moulds will be made. First pack could appear next week.

We think this lot will cover most of the Steppe types for the period covering the Sassanid and Byzantine periods.

More light horse with bow to follow, these will also cover the steppe tribes for that period.