Huns, Steppe cavalry ..Sources

We have been asked if we are to do a Huns range, we have, we called it Steppe cavalry. Why? Well having looked at the research and reconstructions it is plain that it was better to call them Steppe as they are all interchangeable. I asked Adam to produce a list of his references to show this and to let you know what colours to use.

His reply with other interesting pieces.
“Hi Keith,



Best book is still the first mail I sent ‘Sassanian Armies’ by David Nicolle (Montvert Publications)
Anything by David Nicolle is probably as good as it gets. A google search just brings up a load of fantasy from computer forums to 19th century picture rubbish. Nicolle makes some good reconstructions and great painting info.

Re the Huns. The first pic I sent from his book picturing the captured Hun tribal leader is reconstructed 5th century in date and is ‘just off the steppe’ so to speak, just dead centre for the period we want so I’ve based the dollies on him or variations of him. All the other variations with short tunics etc betray Roman influence. There is a short leather tunic from tomb but it is very likely a winter over tunic (being very stiff) Another is much longer and that’s what I’ve gone for. Some dollies have light armour including bone scale and lamellar. Figures have arms but new figures will be made by removing these and cutting at waist for separate bodies. Finishing these today and starting heads and half firing archer bodies tomorrow. Have weapons made. Doing a small shield that won’t need transfers.

My favourite quote is from Ian Heath. His last line in his description of Asiatic Heavy Cavalry from Avars to Later Hungarians covering nearly 400 years is ‘All the above are basically interchangeable’

Steppe Nobles ST02 and ST03

Just finished putting them together, I really like the look Adam has given this lot.


Steppe Noble Cavalry Command

Just finished the first pack of this small mini range intended to be used with the Sassanids and some ranges we have planned. Their armour is lighter than that of the Sassanids being mostly leather and various fabric types. They are shown on the unarmoured horses from the SASSH03-06 packs and can be purchased without any horse.


New Green ready

Yesterday I made another mould for Adam, this one had the basic building blocks for the Steppe Noble cavalry. They will need a bit of assembly and modification and then the production moulds will be made. First pack could appear next week.

We think this lot will cover most of the Steppe types for the period covering the Sassanid and Byzantine periods.

More light horse with bow to follow, these will also cover the steppe tribes for that period.