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Top rated - Unit during a speed paint job.
stage 4 place onto bases to see how they will fit 360mins988 viewsJust need touching up on shields and bases done.55555
(2 votes)
finished approx. 7 hours of work involved1028 viewsShields touched up, figures mounted on base and base textured55555
(1 votes)
270 mins in stage 31034 viewsFlesh done and a bit of ink applied to bronze bits, I will highlight this later. Standard bearers armor finished. Just the strapping and shields to do.55555
(1 votes)
16 figure pilum unit stage 11160 viewsUnit after first 90mins of work.55555
(1 votes)
270 mins in from above1046 viewsNearly there now. A few time consuming bits to do like shields and straps, then basing. I hope another 2 hours will see it finished.44444
(1 votes)
16 figure pilum armed unit from above1516 viewsI have sprayed the figures with black matt car spray after glueing the spears and arms to them. I then added the first coat of white(I touch it up later). Then the dark bronze on the metal work followed by dark flesh on the arms, face and legs. I leave the toes until they are based as I find it quicker.44444
(2 votes)
Pilum unit finished 7 hours or so.1307 viewsUnit now finished - 7 hours of work over 4 days.33333
(4 votes)
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