What are we making now?

Just a brief update on what we are working on now and what is next up.

Adam has completed cavalry figures in Linothorax and scale, he is adding mail, mixed pectoral and cloaked breastplated versions this week. By supplying different heads and shield/weapons we can use these to replace the Pyrrhic cavalry, add Macedonians, Carthaginians, mercs, southern Italian Roman allied cavalry, Ptolemaic and Seleucid heavy cavalry.

What will follow? Well we have promised to do Thorakitai, thureophoroi and later Thracians and they will follow the cavalry mentioned above.

After that it is the Seleucid companions, Agema and line cats.

That is all we intend to add to the Successors and once they are finished we will start on the Byzantines(at Last).

Hope that helps clear things up a bit.

Indian elephant crews

We decided to take a small diversion and do some Indian Crew for the elephants, we have no intention of expanding this to include infantry or cavalry.

There are 2 crews which can be mixed, the archers are 2 part and have their bows cast separately. The legs have been carefully crafted to fit in either the front, middle or back position on the elephants.

Astride crew figures now in store

The production moulds have been completed. We now offer 6 figures from which you can make up the crews. There are 2 pikemen, 2 javelin armed and an archer. The mahout is an Indian. We decided to offer them separately as there are too many combinations if we tried to list them as 2 or 3 figure sets. The figures are 2 part(except the mahout) and have separate heads. The heads will have pilos helmets by default given they are the Macedonian and Carthaginian crews rather than later successors. We will of course pack whichever head you want, so for example if you think Attic helmets are better suited to Carthaginians then just add a note in the comments section or drop us an email. We will pack a pelt with the figures so you can make that choice yourself. I have managed to get 2 crew with the mahout on the back of an elephant and when I get the chance I will paint up some and post them here.

Astride elephant crews nearing completion

We have the master moulds done and are working on producing the production stage moulds. Once finished they will be suitable for all the armies that used astride elephant crews, Macedonian, Ptolemaic, Carthaginian etc. The crew figures will have separate heads so you can tailor them to suit your needs. There will be a choice of pikeman, archer and javelinman with the mahouts. The one in the photos is a resin elephant and a couple of the figures from the master mould so there might be small changes between them and the production versions. The riders are also 2 part bodies so you can alter the angle of the weapons to fit your bases, We just used this as an example of what is possible.

New Hellenistic period elephant crews

Having added upgraded elephants to our store we decided to revisit the crews for them. Adam created completely new figures for the two basic crews which should cover all the sets for this period including the Carthaginians. The figures have no bases to help fit them into the howdahs, they have separate heads and a new feature in the store allows you to pick from 7 different head sets in a drop down menu. The heads are also available in a pack of 28 (HS1 in the successor section). We found that it is better to fit the mahout to the elephant before the howdah as it can be tricky to get him in place once the head and howdah are glued. The packs come with a small sheet of alloy to use(or not) as a base on which to mount the crew figures, this is best dropped into the howdah and the figures then glued to it, this allows you to be able to remove the crew when transporting or to exchange for a different set. Photos show the figures on the base and in a howdah.