Warfare and Resin elephants

Adam at our stand at Warfare Reading

Well the weekend was fun if tiring but we got the chance to speak to loads of people and show off our figures. Rob at Hysterical Games produced two big boxes of resin elephants. He told me he had tried a different way while casting them, I have to say that the first batch were very good but this last lot are even better. We also have the Africans cast in resin so they are also back on the store. Orders will suffer a delay as we are knackered and I have a family funeral to attend tomorrow so there will be a few days added to the usual delivery times.

Unarmoured elephants out of stock

We have run out of the EL01 and EL02 indian elephants unarmoured bodies, they are being cast at present and Rob hopes to have some if not all ready for us at Warefare 18/19 November Reading. I have removed them from the store to avoid the obvious issues. The armoured bodies EL03 and EL04 are in stock and in the store. Rob is also casting the African elephants in resin.

Keith and Adam

Allied/Merc. Southern Italian and Carthaginian cavalry

We have completed the cavalry for now, Thorakitai, Thureophoroi and Thracian next. After that we will complete the Hellenistics for now by adding Seleucid Companions, Agema and line cataphracts. Once they are finished it will be the Early Byzantines (yes I know we have all been waiting for them..lol).

This batch of cavalry come in mixed armours and mail with a command set. The variation is completed by using the different heads sets. Adam designed the figures to represent the troops gathered up in Southern Italy by both the Romans and Carthage, they will also prove useful in successor armies as Italian Merc. When the Attic helmets are added they become Carthaginians, the unit deal is a mix of armour to represent the spoils of war. If you want more mail then the packs are available in mail or mixed armour.

Cloaked cavalry in store

Adam delivered the Breastplate armoured cavalry with cloaks yesterday. They are now in production and the store has the photos of the packs. The figures are headless which allows us to expand on their usage by selecting the sets of heads that go with each pack, add a shield and a spear rather than a lance and they change again. They are a direct replacement for the old PYR13-14+15 packs and we added seleucid, Ptolemaic, Macedonian sets as well. Anyway here are the photos.