New Metal? + Short Break

Firstly I am away Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week the 5th July to 7th July, this will add a few days to the processing times of all orders. On the subject of orders, we have experienced an increase in the number being received, this is a good thing for us but will mean that the turnaround times will slip a bit, we hope to have all orders out within 4 days of their receipt.

New Metal

We have been trying lead free pewter recently, some of you may have noticed some of the figures being a lighter colour and ringing when shaken, that would be the pewter. Why change, well we have been noticing an increase in the number of blow holes when using the old metal, we have managed to adjust things to prevent most but it is still an issue on the production side. The Pewter is more expensive but casts a lot cleaner. Once all the old stock figures and metal has been used we will be running 100% pewter, until then it will be a mix.





Republican Mounted Officers

Aventine Mounted Republican Roman Officers
Aventine Mounted Republican Roman Officers

We have revisited the mounted officers for the Republican Romans, Adam has sculpted them to go with the newer set of Republican Cavalry, they have new heads and different poses etc. They are also supplied with new horses which will now go into the Republican cavalry with the existing RRH1+2 sets. All but the standard bearer in wolfskin come with separate heads, each pack will have 5 different heads which will allow the figures to have an earlier or later period styling. Many will suit mounted Romans well beyond the Republican period.

To the Strongest rules now in store

Just received this afternoon Simon Millers To The Strongest ancient and medieval rules. He has a great website full of useful bits and pieces for both the rules and wargaming in general.

TTS coverIf you know Simon at all you will expect lots of really nice photos of “Wargaming porn” and you will not be disappointed. The site also has feedback from delighted customers.


There is a link at the top of the page for more info.

Sassanid armoured infantry with command

We have finished the infantry now for the Sassanid Range. These last 2 packs are for the dismounted Clibanarius or better equipped infantry. The SASS39 pack has 4 figures armoured in mail with a long coat over it. They are thrusting overarm from behind standing Pavais. The photos don’t show how they will look ranked up on a base as we mounted the pavais on a separate base. The command pack has an office holding his drawn sword and the standard bearer with the draco. This standard bearer could also be holding a spear and if asked we can produce enough of them to sell as a pack of 4 or a mixed pack of 2 wit 2 thrusting spearmen, just a thought. Next up will be the heads which hopefully Adam can get sorted for next week, then it ois the Samnite cavalry.


H4H figures

We have decided to stop selling the 2 H4H figures from today as charity items. It is difficult to administer this as our systems are not the best at keeping track of such and the numbers have dropped off. To date we have sold a total of 224 of the figures raising a grand total of £336.00 for the H4H charity. This has all been paid to them and we would like to thank all who bought them for their support.

We will consider doing the same again if we have a figure that fits the bill. The figures can still be bought but they are no longer a charity item.

Latest figures approaching completition

Adam has the master figures for the last heavy cavalry unit (Eastern in style) for our Sassanid range in hand and has already started on the prep work of the battery figures. We hope to have all released in the next week to 10 days. After that we will start on the infantry.


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