H4H figures

We have decided to stop selling the 2 H4H figures from today as charity items. It is difficult to administer this as our systems are not the best at keeping track of such and the numbers have dropped off. To date we have sold a total of 224 of the figures raising a grand total of £336.00 for the H4H charity. This has all been paid to them and we would like to thank all who bought them for their support.

We will consider doing the same again if we have a figure that fits the bill. The figures can still be bought but they are no longer a charity item.

Latest figures approaching completition

Adam has the master figures for the last heavy cavalry unit (Eastern in style) for our Sassanid range in hand and has already started on the prep work of the battery figures. We hope to have all released in the next week to 10 days. After that we will start on the infantry.


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What we will do next…

We had a brief discussion as to what we are planning to produce next. Our original plan from last year was to start on a small Samnite range once we had finished the Sassanids. The Sassanids have expanded and the start of the Samnites has been delayed. In the meantime Victrix have produced what we consider to be very nice Italian Allies that are full of variation, we feel that this would make our planned range not financially viable, we will therefore limit any figures to cavalry.


The Sassanids are far from finished anyway, we need to add the next unit of heavily armoured horsemen(note I haven’t called them anything) suitable as heavy cataphracts or clibanarius, they have lance upright, sword and mace armed riders and a new command. Following that one( nearly ready, battery masters being prepared) we will do the Eastern unit, the light foot and the infantry.

What will follow, we will keep that one secret for now…lol


Welcome to 2015.


Keith and Adam