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Firstly a quick general word on Aventine. I have dealt with the company for many years and their service is always excellent and communications most prompt. The Thorakitai. Fine sculpts and a good workmanlike pose for the rank and file. Command Group provides a good character boost for the unit. Painted up very well - gave them long thrusting spears (AV03). Painted shields white with a strong wash to highlight the spine. The variety in heads gives good variation to the unit. I drilled out the necks so the head plugs sit better and used plasticene as a support while the quick setting epoxy set. Once firm a thin dribble of supa glue reinforced the neck join. They augur well for the rest of the Successor range. About to start on the Imitation Legionaries. May flesh out a 2nd unit with linothorax armoured rankers. Garry

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