PH18 Italian Phalangites in Lamellar armour
PH18 contains 4 standing Tarentine Phalangites. They come with the shield shown in the photograph, the AVS14 rimless pelt but we will supply the AVS13 rimmed version if asked. This shield will take the transfers from the SUS(GB)2-7 range and the Macedonian stars in the PYR section. They will also take any of the hoplon transfers ETR(AV)3 or 4 or 9. We intend that these be mixed with packs PH9 + 11 the pilos linothorax figures to create the mix of armours present in the Tarentine Phalanx. We will produce a standing spearman without the extra strap to represent a Southern Italian Hoplite or city militia and give them a Hoplon or Italian scuta as required. We recommend the use of the Northstar NS102 100mm steel pikes with these figures. The pikes are available in packs of 40 or 4 from the shop under wire spears.

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