Sughdian Unit Finished

We have added the packs SASS15-19 which will finish the Eastern or Sughdian unit, there is one pack that are Avars(SASS18) and we will add a second pack to use in an Avar Unit deal. The 18 and 19 packs are multi part archers, we have cast the bow with the hand as a separate piece as this allows the bow to be placed at  better and more natural angles. As can be seen in one of the photographs they can be posed as a parthian shot.

In mixed units these will do for a whole range of Eastern warriors of the period e.g. Early Turks, White Huns, Khurasani, Ephthalites and late Saka warriors. They will fit perfectly into a late Sassanian army representing one of the Eastern units raised from what was a vassal state run by Turkish nobles and minor Iranian nobility of dihqans. Many Turks were now also living in eastern Iran and serving as mercenaries.

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We have been the target of some nice people who have either hacked into our server and sent emails or they are using our details as a return address or even both. The result is that some of your providers have listed our IP address as spam thus blocking our communications with customers.


We have ramped up our passwords and made sure we have done all we can to prevent this happening again.


Some of the service providers have unblocked us now and the rest will follow soon.


A real pain in the butt for all.


Thanks for your understanding.

Latest figures approaching completition

Adam has the master figures for the last heavy cavalry unit (Eastern in style) for our Sassanid range in hand and has already started on the prep work of the battery figures. We hope to have all released in the next week to 10 days. After that we will start on the infantry.


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