Astride crew figures now in store

The production moulds have been completed. We now offer 6 figures from which you can make up the crews. There are 2 pikemen, 2 javelin armed and an archer. The mahout is an Indian. We decided to offer them separately as there are too many combinations if we tried to list them as 2 or 3 figure sets. The figures are 2 part(except the mahout) and have separate heads. The heads will have pilos helmets by default given they are the Macedonian and Carthaginian crews rather than later successors. We will of course pack whichever head you want, so for example if you think Attic helmets are better suited to Carthaginians then just add a note in the comments section or drop us an email. We will pack a pelt with the figures so you can make that choice yourself. I have managed to get 2 crew with the mahout on the back of an elephant and when I get the chance I will paint up some and post them here.

2 thoughts on “Astride crew figures now in store”

    1. Edward

      We are getting closer but still need to finish the seleucids before we can start. As with all thing miniature related there is always something else to do before you can get at what needs done. We have made good progress on the new successor cavalry which replaces the older Pyrrhic codes, more in the near pipeline, further down the road are the seleucid companions and agema with line cataphracts. We are also doing Thorakitai thracians and new thureophoroi and that is ALL before we start on the Byzantines. It just seems that it makes sense to do the things in that order, new stuff and old stuff being replaced as going back isn’t likely given the desire to start the Byzantines(how long we we be adding to them, where do we stop…lol). As I have stated before the Early Byzantines are my favourite army and I have waited since 2008 to do them, they will get done.


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